How Asphaltgold hyper-scaled drops using a mobile app

Drops, Raffles and "heat" are key words in the sneaker industry. Asphaltgold's app perfectly transports the core values with a clean look, a hyper-scaling raffle feature for sneaker releases and an CRM engine sending perfectly timed push notfiications.

Unique Features:

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Reels-Feed with Video
Stikky mobile app Asphaltgold Sneakers

About the brand

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> 6.2 Mio
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Asphaltgold, a renowned hub for modern streetwear in Europe, is known for its selection of high-end sneaker brands such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance, as well as exclusive clothing lines like Stussy. Additionally, a unique apparel range is created by Asphaltgold, promising both style and individuality.

About solving special use cases

Early on we identified with the Asphaltgold team that the mechanism for Releases & Raffles needs to be secure, fair and at the same time easy to use. The result is a seamless integration of product releases in their already existing Shopify environment. Raffle entries are captured in their admin panel – filled with all necessary data needed if the customer has luck and is chosen as a winner. Shoe size, payment info, shipping address, all collected directly inside the app without any customer service interaction.

While the process itself sounds simple enough, the sheer amount of entries became the real challenge. With tens of thousands of entries per raffle, the app needs to handle the secure processing of orders, while still preserving an astounding user experience without extra loading times. This is especially necessary early-on on raffle start, where the user pressure is at a peak of up to 5,000 entries per minute. Stikky handles these amounts with ease and provided Asphaltgold a stress-free option to release high-demand products.

Creating app engagement using limited products

Besides solving raffles, the Asphaltgold app offers use an exceptional shopping experience being the perfect destination for loyal customers. To drive engagement into the app, the team releases new products limited to the mobile app only and launches special app-only sales. Using these simple strategies, customer lifetime value improved significantly while acquiring new customers through the same promotion.

Eine eigene App zu haben ist für uns Ausdruck unserer Dedication zur Sneaker Community. Mit Stikky haben wir einen Partner gefunden, mit dem wir unsere Vision einer fairen, sicheren und skalierbaren Raffle-Lösung umsetzen konnten. Die mobile App ist mittlerweile für uns nicht nur ein Raffle-Instrument, ein signifikanter Anteil unseres Umsatzes wird über loyale Kunden in der App erzielt.

Daniel Benz, CEO Asphaltgold

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