Ryzon Sees Remarkable Sales With App Specials by Stikky

Performance clothing is the game changer for athletes. With the RYZON mobile app, customers not only get a top-tier athletic wear but also enjoy the exclusive benefits of App Specials, offering unique promotions and deals designed specifically for app users.

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RYZON is a Cologne based sports brand for high performance clothing well-known in the triathlon space. Their unique line of clothing provides athletes over the top quality standards while being responsibly manufactured. Over the years, RYZON has cultivated a devoted community, fostering a unique bond with their product range.

Driving downloads using App Specials

Before partnering with Stikky, the team used a mobile app builder that, in essence, just displayed the online shop in an app. This not only resulted in an inferior user experience, but led to challenges, such as offering different prices for the app and online customers.

Stikky's App Specials feature solved this dilemma. No need to copy products, no need for duplicate inventory. Using App specials, RYZON could seamlessly introduce monthly promotions, offering app-exclusive discounts to their customers, all without the need to modify their inventory or fulfillment procedures, as orders remained consistent with their previous system.

The result? After switching to Stikky, RYZON witnessed a 32% increase in app downloads and heightened user engagement, all thanks to the continuous use of App Specials.

Discover, Customize, Save: The Power of In-app Bundles.

At Stikky, we are committed to enhancing mobile app experiences; therfore, we´ve integrated the "Bundles"  directly in the RYZON app.

Bundles offer users a curated selection of products, allowing them to combine items and benefit from a special discounted rate. But it's not just about curated sets; within the app, users have the freedom to customize their bundles to their liking, be it size, color, or style.

Thanks to our collaboration with RYZON, app users can now enjoy a personalized, cost-effective shopping journey without ever leaving the app.

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Exclusive Early Access: RYZON´S Tribute to Loyality, Powered by Stikky.

RYZON deeply values its community and recognizes the importance of rewarding unwavering brand loyalty. That is why, the Ryzon mobile app, powered by Stikky's technology, offers "Early Access" to handpicked deals and products.

This exclusive feature ensures that dedicated app users are always at the forefront, receiving first dibs on limited-time offers, new product launches, and special deals.

It's more than just a feature; it's a commitment from RYZON to celebrate and honor the trust and loyalty of its community, encouraging ongoing engagement and fostering a deeper bond with the brand.

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit Stikky hat es uns ermöglicht, unsere Idee einer personalisierten, einfachen und effizienten Einkaufserfahrung Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen. Was uns jedoch besonders am Herzen liegt, ist die Möglichkeit, unsere treuesten Kunden mit exklusiven 'App Specials' zu belohnen. Dies hat unser Engagement in der Community nicht nur verstärkt, sondern auch unsere Erwartungen übertroffen.”

Mario Konrad, CEO Ryzon

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